Consultancy based upon hourly rates can mount up to some hidden surprises.

At ISO³ we are happy to quote on a fee capping basis.

We will conduct a free pre-consultancy evaluation of the effort required and provide a quote for the monthly fees, over the agreed timescale, ending with external audit. Should we fail to obtain a successful audit, we will continue to work free, until success is achieved.

We are happy to provide this service for compliance with ISO 27701 (Confidentiality – Data Protection), ISO 27001 (Integrity – Information Security), ISO 22301 (Availability – Business Continuity), or all three.

N.B. The auditors fees are excluded from these quotations, as the audit must be independent and you, the client, must negotiate with a UKAS accredited Certification Company separately.


The cost of an initiative to develop a dynamic data management system is often estimated in terms of external costs and fees. However, the real cost can be that of the demands on internal resource.

If the progress of the project depends upon significant internal engagement, were these hidden costs truly calculated, the business case would not be persuasive. Surely your reason for engaging external specialist resource is to free up your staff to concentrate on what they do best, and to employ externals to do what they do best?

ISO³ has refined an effective delivery mechanism with a minimal staff overhead. This advanced method is called Prototyping.

Prototyping entails the consultant engaging with individuals for as little time as is necessary, as and when there is information required to produce a section of a planned deliverable. The cumulative information will permit the consultant to draft a deliverable, or prototype, which will then be shared with the originators to check veracity.

Once in a publishable form, these deliverables will form the dynamic data management system. This agile approach ensures a light touch staff engagement, with change embedded in operational practices.

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